A Guide: Gifts for Her 2017

Hello, good morning, lovely followers. Today I decided I'd do a quick write up of a few pretty great token presents you could get for the girl in your life, be it a bestie, a mum, a girlfriend, a sister etc, you get the gist. I've been looking for gifts for my girlies for quite… Continue reading A Guide: Gifts for Her 2017



Hello, gorgeous followers! Happy spring, I am so so pleased that the weather is picking up! And with the spring? New fashions being released, so that we can all add a new favourite piece to our wardrobes! Could this post find that all new favourite piece of clothing for you? I have hot off the… Continue reading EXCITING NEWS, NEW FASHION LINE?

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Teeth Whitening Review & Discount Code

Hello sweethearts, It feels so good to be writing again, I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts over the last few weeks it's been a tricky time! So I wanted to share with you a fantastic experience that I've had whitening my teeth! I purchased some teeth whitening sachets from Great Whites, as far… Continue reading Teeth Whitening Review & Discount Code

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Bargain Make-Up Finds

Hello my darlings, So I've done some shopping about for some more makeup bargains, and I absolutely am loving the Matte Lip at the moment, like everyone else, but I simply cannot afford the Kylie range (much to my disappointment I have to admit) so I've been hunting around for something similar. I've come across… Continue reading Bargain Make-Up Finds

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My Bucket List

Hello, sweethearts! I'm back again, and this time I thought I'd share with you 25 things I wish to do/acheive before my life is out! Seeing as we're still at the beginning of the new year I thought it would be fitting, as I never did a "New Years Resolution" blog post, can I get… Continue reading My Bucket List

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Meeting Jordan

Hello Sweethearts, So, over on Twitter we all had a little chat didn't we about which posts you'd like to see? Well one of the most popular that was voted for was a "personal" post. I'm not really sure what you all had in mind, so I hope this fits and you're happy. I've chosen… Continue reading Meeting Jordan

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DIY Make-Up Brush Pot!

Hello Sweethearts, I got in touch with a few of you over Facebook & Twitter and asked what sort of blogs you would like to see. It just so happens that when I was planning on doing a bit of DIY, Facebookers requested more DIY/Bargain posts, and this is a bit of both! (Tweeters, I'll do… Continue reading DIY Make-Up Brush Pot!